Beta vital


100% natural superfood, with clinically proven and EFSA approved health benefits:

  1. Supports heart health
  2. Lowers cholesterol
  3. Maintains blood sugar level
  4. Contributes to the normal functioning of metabolism
  5. Rich source of fiber and slow burning carbohydrates
  6. Source of protein

Ingredients: Valechol® (concentrate of barley beta-glucans), maltodextrin.

BETA VITAL contains Valechol®, a concentrated source of barley beta-glucan which is naturally present in barley grains. Two (2) full spoons (20 grams) of BETA VITAL powder contain 3 grams of barley beta-glucans, which is enough for numerous health benefits, connected with heart health.

The use of BETA VITAL is very simple and can easily become a part of your daily nutrition routine. We recommend it to everyone who is aware of the importance of healthy lifestyle and wants to maintain or lower cholesterol level in a completely natural way.

BETA VITAL offers a rich source of fibers and proteins. 

Valens is very proud to have obtained European Safety Authority (EFSA) approval for the ingredient Valechol(R), proving its positive effects on cardio-vascular health. 

Cholesterol management

According to WHO 40% of all the world`s adults have increased levels of cholesterol (≥ 5 mmol/l). The high level of cholesterol was reported in 55% of all adults in Europe and 50% of all adults in USA. High level of cholesterol is a major health concern and should not be taken lightly, as it is a cause of various cardiovascular diseases (CVD). CVDs are the number one cause of death globally and account for almost one third of all deaths!

High cholesterol is one of the most important risk factors for CVDs. For example, a 10% reduction in serum cholesterol in men aged 40 has been reported to result in a 50% reduction in heart disease within 5 years; the same serum cholesterol reduction for men aged 70 years can result in an average 20% reduction in heart disease occurrence in the next 5 years.

To maintain the normal level of blood cholesterol we have to follow healthy lifestyle guidelines, such as healthy diet and regular exercise. In addition we recommend to include BETA VITAL as a part of your daily nutrition.

The most important steps for maintaining normal cholesterol levels:

  • balanced diet with low saturated fats, sugar and salt intake
  • maintain normal weight
  • regular excercise
  • stop smoking
  • dicrease alchohol levels
  • avoid stress

Clinical studies have shown that 3 grams of barley beta-glucans per day lower total and LDL cholesterol for up to 17%. 

Recommended values:

  • total cholesterol: less than 5 mmol/l
  • LDL cholesterol: less than 3 mmol/l
  • Triglicerids: less than 2 mmol/l
  • HDL cholesterol: more than 1 mmol/l

Barley beta-glucans

Barley beta-glucans are a special form of soluble fiber. Barley beta-glucans should not be mistaken for beta-glucans derived from yeast and mushrooms, as they are different in chemical structure and their effect on human health.

Barley beta-glucans has been shown to effectively lower cholesterol and contribute to heat health!

How do they work?

Barley beta-glucans increase viscosity of the food in the small intestine. This significantly slows down and lowers the absorption of fats, glucose, salt and acids. This way less cholesterol (and other unwanted macronutrients) are absorbed in our bodies. Additionally blood sugar level is lowered.

Barley beta-glucans also bind bile acids and extract them from our bodies. Bile acids are formed in liver from bad (LDL) cholesterol. When amount of bile acids in our body lowers, our body starts taking LDL cholesterol from blood to make additional bile acids. This is a totally natural process and one of the best ways to lower cholesterol without unwanted side effects.

Barley beta-glucans lower total and LDL cholesterol, but they don’t effect good (HDL) cholesterol.

Beta-glucans are naturally present in barley and oats, but in a very low amount. For these kind of beta-glucans to be effective 3 grams or more have to be consumed daily, so you would need to consume several bowls of barley or oats each day.

Valens developed and patented innovative technology that extracts beta-glucans from barley and keep them in a totally natural form. The ingredient which is extracted from this patented procedure is called Valechol®.

Valens got EFSA approved claim for Valechol® in regards to its cholesterol lowering/heart health effect. For us this is the highest recognition of our work in the research on this field. We are especially proud on our manufacturing process in which no acids or chemicals are used and extracted beta-glucans are kept in the same form as they natural occur in barley.




Add 2 full spoons (20 g) of BETA VITAL powder once daily to yoghurt or breakfast cereals. You can also mix it with milk, fruit juice, put it in a smoothie or in water. Beta Vital has mild nutty and earthy flavour. If you mix it with water or drink, consume soon after preparation.

You can also add BETA VITAL “original” to your favourite sauce or omelette.

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